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Footy – The Ultimate Soccer App

Footy – The Ultimate Soccer App
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The mission is to connect those who love to play ‘The Beautiful Game’ and become the universal facilitator of pickup soccer events. With an inter-connective and customer-centric platform, Footy bestows the power upon the individual user (the soccer player), giving footballers of all ages, experience and skill levels the opportunity to create a personal and unique profile to find or create games. This bestowment of power is predicated on two integral components: 1) the transparency of all available games as well as the users registered to play, and 2) a platform tailored to the cultural nuances of the soccer world.

Transparency is simple – Footy provides all users with real-time information about all available created games, including the game date, time, size and format as well as access to the profiles of enrolled participants. Furthermore, Footy must go a step further, giving users of any experience or skill level the choice to create matches that can only be seen by those users that are within the desired experience and skill levels. The main problem with current pickup games is the lack of compatibility among players due to the randomness of players that participate. This randomness is caused by three main factors: 1) one team has a clear competitive advantage over the other, 2) too many players of one position show up, or 3) no one shows up to play a less popular position. Integrated transparency solves this issue.

A platform tailored to the cultural nuances of the soccer world is more complex and must assimilate the idiosyncrasies of the world’s most popular sport. The feverish love of fútbol seen throughout the rest of the world is not based on statistics or advanced metrics, but based on the passion for a particular player’s abilities to efficiently and effectively operate a specific position on the field (also known as the pitch). In soccer, these abilities must be qualified as opposed to quantified. Unlike other sports, soccer is less about one’s physical attributes and athleticism and more about one’s technical and tactical capacity.

Simultaneously, Footy will integrate a manager-type platform, supplementing the individual user platform and enabling league managers and indoor facilities to register their business. For these organizers, lack of transparency also exists. Soccer organizers entail a more intimate relationship with their users and are reliant on user data. With access to their user base, organizers will be able to track its users and their playing frequency, interface with them, create a simple scheduling process, add an efficient payment method, and directly market to them.

Ultimately, the same underlying issues can be found in all sports. However, integrating other sports using a similar approach and process could potentially dismantle the Footy ecosystem and soccer brand. Footy must aspire to be the go-to source for all things soccer with a unique opportunity to capture all types of fútbolistas, strengthen the soccer community and transform Footy into the ultimate soccer app.

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