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Forestarium Lamp

Forestarium Lamp
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We are super excited about this immaculate creation! A plant pot and a light, the Forestarium is sheer genius. Available in two sizes and two colors (white or black), it doubles up as a plant vessel that also paints delicate foliage shadows on your walls and ceiling.

The look and ambience of the Forestarium will change depending on the plant you use it with, but whatever your choice of flora, the results will always be nothing short of spectacular.The makers, Pianta-Stanza, especially recommend this as a relaxing illumination perfect for getting you in the mood for sleep. Just switch on the LED bulb and prepare for bed. The effect on your home will be magical.

LED light
Version: white, black
Size: small (490 x 510mm, 12.3 x 20.1″), large (230 x 290mm, 9.1 x 11.4″)
Plants not included

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