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Forminimal Nut & Olive Bowl

Forminimal Nut & Olive Bowl
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Description: The Forminimal Nut + Olive Bowl is an ingenious sculptural dish that allows you to serve olives (with optional toothpick holder) or pistachios, and conceal the shells or stones. The 3 containers can be used together or individually. Made from durable polypropylene with added sea shell powder for ceramic feel. * Perfect for olives, nuts, sausage or edamame, with an area for discarding olive stones, toothpicks or pods * Presents food in a beautiful way * Ergonomic, easy to hold or pass, while serving Specifications: 1lb

Dishwasher safe, smooth surface for easy cleaning
Dimensions: 6l x 6.5w x 4h
Designer: Daniel Black and Martin Blum

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