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forpow uv toilet sterilizer

forpow uv toilet sterilizer
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why need it?
Germs are everywhere. Some of bacteria live on hard surfaces for weeks,for instance your tooth brushes, computer keyboards,toilet handle,toilet bowl,mildew in bathtub, towels,flush handle, children’s toys etc.This UV sterilizer successful kills all germs and bacteria to filter the air.Such as mold spores,help with free of runny noses,sneezing,coughs.

Our Toilet are filthy and it’s not hard to see.
Lets face it, we are always touching Toilet. The problem is, we are also always touching our toilet bowl, transferring that bacteria to our bathroom! Through a process called aerosolization every bowl of your toilet creates a vapor that sends bacteria floating into the air throughout your bathroom. Some of these bacteria’s live for weeks, contaminating items in the bathroom with fecal matter and other bacteria, for instance your tooth brushes, toilet paper, towels, walls and floor, flush handle, counter tops, drinking cups, woman’s makeup,toilet handle, children’s toys etc.

Why It Matters?

Germs You Really Can Get From a Toilet
Generally, you’ll find about 50 bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat — that’s the average.
Your bathroom gets a lot of traffic throughout the day. With this traffic comes the introduction of germs and bacteria, particularly around your toilet. When you flush your toilet, especially with the lid up, the bacteria spreads throughout your bathroom, and it begins to replicate on various surfaces.A test done by several students at Miami University in Ohio found that five main types of bacteria exist in your bathroom.

How it works?
By using the ultraviolet ray 253.7nm to destroy the DNA and RNA structure of microorganism, and kill germs and bacteria fundamentally.

Meanwhile, oxygen in the air is resolved to ozone by the exposing of 185nm ultraviolet ray, to ruin and decompose the cell wall, high efficiently kill the germs and bacteria, and eradiate the odor quickly.

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