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fosa Mini Thermal Printer Bluetooth

fosa Mini Thermal Printer Bluetooth
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  • * With Japanese professional print head technology, not only can the entire print layout be stably presented, but also the print head with accuracy of up to 0.087 mm can display 300dpi retina-level print resolution in an effective print area of ​​57X30mm. The beauty of the details.
  • * Photo search questions, get the wrong answer, a large number of primary to high school subjects. One-click printing, pasting on the wrong book, using one person to copy a wrong time, solve 10 problems. More efficient wrong-handling is just to save your time and improve your academic performance.
  • * Take a photo to get plain text content, high-definition recognition rate, help you quickly identify in OCR. Turn your images into editable text to make your content organized more clearly. One day, when you feel a good feeling about a good man, you can shoot it out and turn it into a silhouette.
  • * Leave romantic greetings to the TA of love, a blessing of the holiday, a good morning in the morning, “pay attention to the body” after work, daily whispers… There is no longer a distance between you and TA, even if it is separated by mountains It can also be close at hand.
  • * Built-in 1000mAh high-density lithium polymer battery, can continuously print 6 rolls of paper, low power consumption control, zero power consumption, and overall battery life is 50% higher than the previous generation. Compatible with the charging port, any USB can be charged, convenient and fast, with you along the way.
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