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Fotuna Cash Fountain Pen by Montegrappa

Fotuna Cash Fountain Pen by Montegrappa
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Montegrappa’s hugely successful Fortuna range of resin fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints lends itself to personal expression in a way that has inspired our designers to take writing instruments to places where they have never gone before. Following the application of the Skull motif is the Ca$h Pen, a wry look at ‘Bling-Bling’ culture. Embracing the devil-may-care, if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it excess of a world dancing to a hip-hop soundtrack, the Ca$h Pen is a showy as a stretch limo – only pocket-sized. Underneath the glitz is a fabulous writing instrument perfect for signing cheques and hotel bills! Based on the black resin Fortuna pen, Ca$h features a cap and barrel adorned with raised dollar signs.

The clip, which is fitted with Montegrappa’s roller to facilitate smooth removal from one’s pocket, features the $-sign and cap top set with the bling-bling-iest of stones. Three trim colours are offered to accent the black barrel and cap: palladium, rose gold and all-black ruthenium. For the palladium and the rose gold versions, clear crystals are fitted, while the ruthenium edition features black crystals – reminiscent of the blacked-out windows in a limo. The Ca$h Pen is available as a fountain pen with a choice of three nib writing grades, a rollerball and a twist-action ballpoint.

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