Freak Masks – Stretchy Personalised Face Masks

Freak Masks – Stretchy Personalised Face Masks
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Read me! i’m important! Only upload photos with one face in them (no group photos please!) Photos showing more than one face may result in us having to delay or even cancel your order. Don’t ruin Christmas by uploading photos with multiple faces in! Those deranged monstrosities you see there, those are real people. Real people wearing Freak Masks Just upload an image and we’ll transform it into a stretchy and frighteningly life-like wearable version. Pull it on and prepare to enter your own warped universe; a bizarro world of crazed misshapen faces, smeared identities with wild, haunting eyes. Take on new personas, or just your own more sinister and uglier persona. Be somebody. Be anybody. Rub shoulders with celebrities. Peer longingly out of one single maniacal expression, frozen in time. Lends itself to enthusiastic eye-acting. The madness. The expression. The fear. It’s scarily realistic, yet there’s something terribly amiss. It’s perfect for those who just cannot keep a straight face. You can even drink through it. It’s a filter. Your own facial colander! It has to be worn to be believed, so get you’re freak on

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