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Freerider Electric Bike

Freerider Electric Bike
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The versatile KUBERG FREE-RIDER electric motorcycle from ADV Designs is redefining electric bikes. This advanced-technology KUBERG FREE-RIDER is an electric dirt bike for adults, a training bike for teenagers and a KUBERG electric trails bike. With no exhaust, it’s quiet and it weighs only 84 pounds. The carrying capacity is 220 pounds, which means adults can ride this electric motorbike, too. KUBERG’s zero dirt bike has a 17-mile range before recharging and can reach speeds of 33-35 mph on trails and roads. Regular recharge is only 2.5 hours from a regular 110V power outlet or from a generator.

This affordably priced black electric motorbike with a 2kW BLDC motor has a full adjustable long travel suspension and a Direct Drive clutch-less one-speed transmission. The powertrain’ battery is a Li-poly 44.4V 15An model. The chassis has a seat height of 34.5 inches, 20-inch x 2.5-inch Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires and a handlebar height of 41 inches on this KUBERG motorcycle’s tubular steel frame. The KUBERG FREE-RIDER has a Tekro Auriga 203mm hydraulic disc brake system and 340 DNM Burner RP-RCP shocks.

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