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Freshdrip No.2 Ethiopian Single Portion Coffee Filters

Freshdrip No.2 Ethiopian Single Portion Coffee Filters
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This is Freshdrip No. 3 and this variant will always contain an exquisite natural Ethiopian coffee. Since coffee is a seasonal fruit, the exact coffee that we use for this variant may vary, but you can rest assured that it’ll always be the best we can get.

The coffee we currently use for Freshdrip No. 3 comes from the Oromia region in Guji state in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Today, this East African country produces some of the finest coffees available anywhere and this particular coffee is no exception. Smallholder farmers who produce this coffee are located at over 1.900 meters above sea level, with warm days and cool nights, allowing the cherries to develop their trademark vibrant acidity and truly complex flavours.

This coffee has a bright roast profile with a vibrant acidity and notes of citrus and hops.

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