Fringed linen blanket softened linen blanket black beige

Fringed linen blanket softened linen blanket black beige
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Fringed natural linen beige / black blanket. This linen throw is double sided, made of pure organic softened thick linen (100% linen) with two sides fringes. Packed in paper box – ready for gift. The highest quality natural Lithuanian linen blanket is absolutely lovely, carefully crafted, organic, Hypoallergenic, breathable, soft and all loved. Great blanket for home and outdoor. Fringed linen blanket sizes (if you want other size, please contact me): 140x145cm (55″x57″) 140x200cm (55″x79″) Linen bedspread. linen features: Linen is one of the oldest kinds of textiles in the world, which is made from flax fiber . About 5000 m . pr. cr. Egypt has been worn linen clothing. Linen – an annual and perennial herbs and subshrubs ; stalk up to 150 cm, linen is much stronger and more glossy than cotton; It has antiallergic properties , absorbs water, breathable and cool fabric . Lithuanian linen grew very long time, it is mentioned in the most ancient Lithuanian folk songs – work songs associated with the production, extraction, spinning . The linen is known as a sacred plant , solar sward , woman’s crop . Linen fiber is strong and elastic , so wrinkled linen fabrics . After each washing the fabric becomes softer and less wrinkly . Linen fabric is best to compare a hot iron on the back side. Linen cloth over the years does not turn , but is getting whiter and softer . Flax fiber gets wet and dries so cool cloth warm night , and the scorching heat of midday ventilates body . Linen fabric resistant to static electricity . Also linen fiber used in protective clothing astronauts and outer space fleet. Of all the fabrics of linen best microclimate in the skin , ie, breathable , absorbs moisture and perspiration . Linen fabrics are 3 times stronger and 5 times more resistant to abrasion ( abrasion ) than cotton ; Linen fabric better than cotton absorbs moisture and perspiration . Linen fabric – organic. It is completely waste-free product, environment and ecology do not cause any harmful effects. please contacts me for more details, best regards for you, Lovely Crafts Home

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