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Fruit & Veggie Prep Kit

Fruit & Veggie Prep Kit
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From start to finish, our Veggie Prep Kit offers easy assistance to all your produce preparation needs! Designed to shop and store fresh produce in, the veggie bags allow breathability while cutting down plastic bag use. Scrub your produce clean from dirt, pesticides, & soils, with the Bamboo Scrub Brush so that you have clean and fresh produce to work with when finally starting to prep and prepare your foods. The ergonomically shaped handles of our paring knife, peeler, and corer will deliver great comfort and ease in the preparation for your meals and snack!!

Set includes:

5 Pc Veggie bags, Bamboo Veggie Scrub Brush, Red Molded Bamboo® & stainless steel peeler, Red Molded bamboo® & stainless steel corer, & Red Molded Bamboo® & stainless steel paring knife.
Looks & Feels like melamine plastic but made with Natural Molded Bamboo® Fibers
Durable, natural, & non-toxic alternative to utensils and bakeware made with chemical-based plastics & coatings-BPA free
Stainless Steel used is 93% recycled

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