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Fuel Micro Emergency Phone Charger

Fuel Micro Emergency Phone Charger
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Devotec’s Fuel Micro Charger is the world’s smallest cell phone charger. The mini emergency charger is a 220 milliAmp hour battery designed to give you around 20-30 minutes of extra talk time, or up to a few more standby hours, depending on how you use your cell phone.

Perfect for when you have had an unexpected delay and you need to make a few calls, send a work email or use your GPS to find your way home.

It’s around the size of a quarter, fits on a keychain and can keep it’s charge for up to 1 month so you can be sure you have back up power when you need it.

To charge, use an AC to micro-USB wall plug, such as those for an Android Phone or Kindle, or a USB – micro-USB male cable. Then just put it in your pocket, on your key chain or in your car and forget about it.

To Use: Turn the power switch on and plug into your phone, the same as you would your charger. Your phone will start to recharge straight away.

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