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Fugoo Sport Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Sport Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
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Plays as Hard as You Do

Fugoo’s unique “Core plus Jacket” modular design lets you customize the speaker to your taste and lifestyle. The robust Core comes with your choice of Jackets — Style, Sport, or Tough — to match your style, durability, and capability needs. Jackets are easily interchangeable so later on you can change your speaker’s style. The Sport jacket fits your active life style like the ball fits the hoop. The waterproof super-durable cloth is bonded to a fiber-reinforced resin shell, all wrapped in resilient rubber trim to protect your Speaker from drops. The mounting socket on the underside accepts the Bike, Strap, or Multi Mount to secure your Speaker to bikes, poles, straps, and more.
Talk Back to It

The built-in omnidirectional microphone gives your speaker high-quality full-duplex speakerphone functionality. Answer a call right from the speaker. Use Siri or Google Now to play your favorite music, call a friend, ask about the weather or sports scores, or remind you to call your mom. And with the optional waterproof remote, you won’t even have to leave the pool.
360° Sweet Spot

With speakers on all four sides, your Fugoo Wireless Speaker delivers great sound in all directions, not just toward the front. Fill the space with music, even in party or outdoor settings where people are moving around. The speaker’s upward tilt puts everyone in the sweet spot, and the symmetrical positioning cancels vibrations so the Speaker won’t “walk” across the table like other speakers do.


The same seals that make the sound so incredible also keep out water (waterproof to 3 feet depth for 30 minutes), snow, dust, and sand, so don’t be afraid to take your music wherever life takes you. With sealed, non-corrosive connectors and waterproof speaker materials, your Fugoo speaker can take it. And if it gets a little muddy, just hose it off.
Tweeters, Mid/Woofers, and Passives

The Fugoo Speaker has six symmetrically-placed drivers. The two tweeters deliver clean highs, two mid/woofer drivers give midrange punch, and two passive radiators help bring out a full, deep bass. Together, these six drivers deliver a clean 95 dB sound pressure level, filling large rooms and outdoor areas with rich immersive sound.
Designed for Portability

Enhance the portability of your Fugoo Speaker with our line of accessories (sold separately). Three mounting options let you attach your speaker to sport poles, bikes, tripods, straps, backpacks, and more. And the waterproof Remote Control lets you control your music from the pool without risking your phone by the water.

Designed Tough

With shock-mounted components, specially reinforced case materials, and resilient end caps that absorb impacts on all eight corners, your Fugoo speaker is built to play hard. And if it takes a truly nasty fall, chances are the easily replaced slide-on jacket will take all the damage.
Digital is Better

With Fugoo’s Core-X technology, the path from your music files to the amplifier that drives the speakers is digital. Other wireless speakers convert to analog too early, allowing interference from cell phones and other radio sources to get amplified and sent to your ears.
Forget the Wires

Of course, your Fugoo speaker is wireless — no cables to connect or lose at the beach or by the pool. Play music from any Bluetooth-equipped iPod, smartphone, tablet, or PC from up to 30 feet away. And if a friend wants to play you a great new song, just one click drops you off and lets them take over.

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