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Fujiyama Beer Glass

Fujiyama Beer Glass
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Design competition taking place in Tokyo Midtown Fujiyama Glass (Fuji Glass) is a “Tokyo Midtown Award 2008”, Suzuki Keita, who designed this glass, Special Jury than Manabu Mizuno’s art director who served as a judge the award-winning, and has been commercialized from Sugawara art glass. I am represented by a glass figure of Mount Fuji which can be called the symbol of Japan.

The great thing about this glass, and golden bubbles stand out look of Fuji variety appears by drink pouring, and pour the beer in particular, I direct effectively the appearance of beautiful Fuji illuminated in the morning sun at all. By glass artisans Sugahara, which are hand-made one by one important, the delicate form is also popular taste and exquisite thinness of the glass by hand. Pricing even though full of humor, and set to the same value as the 3,776 m altitude of Mount Fuji. In addition, because it is only glad paulownia box with a gift, it is recommended a popular item for gifts and gift celebration and gift.

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