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G-RO Suitcase

G-RO Suitcase
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With this revolutionary suitcase, the wheel has been reinvented—literally. Because of their larger diameter, the G-RO’s axel-less wheels support the load closer to its center of gravity, so the bag balances better and feels significantly lighter when you pull it. The all-terrain wheels allow it to move easily over snow, sand, cobblestone and street curbs. The wheels are also on the outside, creating a larger packing space. Made of super-strong aerospace and firearm-grade polymers, the wheels strengthen the walls of the bag. If you like to keep you hands clear, you can use a backpack like the Cabin Max which is approved for cabin use and has a lot of storage space.

More G-Ro Suitcase features include:
•Long, strong ergonomic handle The aircraft-grade aluminum, four-stage telescoping handle is more than six inches longer than the industry standard. Handle stops at multiple levels making it great for people of all heights.
•Crush-proof and water resistant The body of the G-RO is made of high quality ballistic nylon and mold-injected aeorospace-grade polymers.

•Work/Play Life Balance No more embarrassing suitcase-opening moments at the airport: An internal compartment hides your personal items while an external compartment puts your work items in easy reach.
•Spacious interior Includes a detachable flat-packing divider, numerous mesh pockets and removable garment bag
•Carry-on liquids compartment Breeze through security with this waterproof pocket

•Built-in charging station and tablet stand 2 iPad-strength USB outlets
•Portable Battery 23,000 mAh battery that’s strong enough to charge your smartphone up to ten times
•Location tracker and proximity detector G-RO uses Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy technology for proximity detection. Any connected device can be used to track the suitcase. The app is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones.

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