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Gabriel Device – Free energy for everyone

Gabriel Device – Free energy for everyone
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How to change the world, Changing the world in of itself is a undertaking only most dream about and bicker about in early morning rush hour or afternoon coffee-shops, The United states is hapless says a Englishman, the new world is destroying our faith says a Muslim, why does my country seem to be in free-fall all the time, says a American.

Most of these issues are brought about by the media and propaganda that aspire to enrich or enslave a mind, but what if, the core issue to all of our problems stems from a power-source that just either hasn’t been developed or needs to be fully developed,

If power was a source that could be transported and established across a well, a farm, a school, a vehicle, a hospital, all without moving parts and the only need to make it work is to get it initialized, that would even make Tesla himself dance in his grave.

Power is the main culprit for most issues, with out fossil fuels our society would grind to a halt, solar is getting better, wind and tide are both great renewable. Inventions like the bi-torid transformer that effectively bend lenz law to allow a higher output than what is put in make those renewables a new component or it can be looped to produce enough to keep it going and provide enough energy to do work.

I personally have developed a nested bi-torid transformer that will do 300% output in the clip I attached,You will see in this minute long video that it indeed is carrying a load with lower input than output.

I know what your thinking this isn’t real but I assure you that it is, I have the original in the video and have shot several other videos showing outputs from 130% to 300% Both of these videos are easy to follow.

With Power being the root of most issues, because with out power how are you to do commercial farming, without power how are you to have any sort of commerce in this digital age, without power how would you cook the food, turn on the lights, create the medicine,gain access to your favorite beach by air or by ship. Simply put our current power sources are inadequate to launch us in to a new evolution of technology, agri industries, health care, quantum computing, space travel for mining resources and exploration and sometime colonize a new world far in the future or even near, the possibilities are endless with a portable rejuvenating energy source.(which if placed in a vacuum and the temperature of space would only increase its abilities to create sustainable power.)

If we had this type of power-source, governments wouldn’t need to fight over territory as they could feed their people, and gain access to multiple industries that either are currently paying way to much for the grid or even haven’t been invented yet. Healthcare could get their high power bills slashed down to low percentages so possibly they could pass that on to the patient and lower health costs, the list goes on power is always a factor, even in bitcoin mining if the hashing value of the miner is pulling too much power vs the actual profit we pull the miner.

I would suspect that even in R&D that all the power costs are attributed either before or after the project, It has to pay for it at some point. Adding this device to homes for self generation of power would not only elevate a grid that has been aging and needs replaced but in public power districts the power company would be responsible in getting with the individual to make a power purchase agreement for the access dumped into the grid.

Like I said the possibilities are endless hunger could be solved, housing solved, poor could be solved, with such a developed power source.

Thank You and I hope you enjoyed my invention and the essay, have a wonderful day and let the light of day brighten our darkest hours.

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