Gakken Mini Electric Guitar Kit

Gakken Mini Electric Guitar Kit
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Whether you’re a guitar fiend or simply a budding electronics hobbyist, this Mini Electric Guitar Kit will provide you with hours of fun and your own fully-functional 4-string electric guitar.

Learn about circuitry and guitar construction as you assemble audio components and attach them to the guitar frame. The instructions are in Japanese, but they’re illustrated the whole way through, and all the necessary parts are included, so assembly should be possible for anyone who enjoys a challenge.

You’ll even coil your own peak amp, for a one-of-a-kind sound that’s personal to you. Once it’s put together, you can plug into an amplifier and rock out, or into a computer headphone port to lay down tracks or practice more quietly.

The Mini Electric Guitar Kit features:

・Hobbyist kit for 4-string electric guitar
・Length: 320mm (12.6″)
・Standard guitar tuning
・Original pick included
・Sound: internal speaker, but also connects with external amplifier or PC
・Ships with “We Love Guitars!!” Otona no Kagaku magazine
・Required for assembly: No.1 Philips screwdriver, cellophane tape, forceps/pliers, 2 AA batteries
・Instructions: Japanese

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