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Galileo Pan-and-Tilt Stand

Galileo Pan-and-Tilt Stand
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Galileo is an amazing photography and video conferencing accessory for iPhone and GoPro. How are those related? Well, Galileo has two motors that allow you to pan and tilt with a high degree of control. This makes it perfect for rotating your GoPro while taking time-lapse video and awesome for controlling an iPhone remotely during a video call. Video conferencing can be a lot better if only the remote person could actually control what the camera is pointed at.

Well, with Galileo and our partner apps, you can actually control the orientation of the remote camera during a video call. You control what you see with a tap of your finger. With the Galileo SDK, lots of app developers have integrated their apps with Galileo for even more use cases. From remote monitoring to multi-camera video shoots to face tracking, the possibilities are endless!

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