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Game Boy Alarm Clock

Game Boy Alarm Clock
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– An alarm clock… shaped like a Game Boy!
– Officially licensed Nintendo swag
– Basically a perfect replica but it’s a clock
– Delightful Super Mario Land alarm tunes
– Won’t run out of batteries as fast as the real thing

The cold, shrill tone of your smartphone alarm is no way to start the day.

Swap the obnoxious morning screeching for the gentle, 8-bit melodies of our officially licensed Nintendo Game Boy alarm clock. Infuse your day with serene Italian plumber cheer and, for once, waking up won’t be such a painful ordeal.

The same size as the original, this alarm clock is a near perfect replica of your favourite handheld console, even down to the satisfying clicky buttons. Okay, so you can’t beat all the Kanto region gym leaders on it, but a real Game Boy can’t tell you the time, date or wake you up. We know which we’d rather have on our bedside table. (It’s the clock btw).

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