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Gesture Control Entertainment Device by singlecue

Gesture Control Entertainment Device by singlecue
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Meet singlecue, the device that connects and controls your TV, entertainment, and smart home devices using touch-free gestures. With singlecue a wave of a finger is all it takes to get instant control over the media and smart devices in your home. No more juggling remote controls or apps, it’s time to have a connected home the way it should be, modern magic in action.

Experience your home and your devices, through simple touch-free interaction.
singlecue was created to offer a central control with a single interface, giving you the power to interact with your devices using simple touch-free hand gestures.
With singlecue your home is smarter. A single motion is all it takes to turn on your media devices (TV, Cable box and media streamer No more juggling remotes!
Enjoy your home in a whole new way.
Your home. Connected. Touch-free.

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