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Gesture Office Chair

Gesture Office Chair
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Whether you sit with your legs crossed, straight, indian style, or some crazy yoga position you picked up over the weekend, give your back a break with the Gesture Office Chair.
Winner of the 24th annual “Best of NeoCon” Award.
Supports various body types and sitting preferences, adjusting quickly to each individual user.
Back and seat are a synchronized system, moving with each user in continuous and persistent support.
Back cradles the user, no matter the posture.

Core equalizer provides just the right amount of lumbar support in any angle of recline.
Back tension and variable back stop with four positions are standard.
Standard pneumatic adjustment mechanism, available in 3 height ranges.
Chair arms move like the human arm, supporting the widest range of arm movement.
Arms and shoulders remain supported when texting, typing or using a tablet.

360-arm enables 360° of motion to give arm support where it is needed with one release.
3D LiveBack moves with the shape of the user’s spine as sitting positions change.
Soft arm caps independently pivot 15° inward and outward to accommodate user preferences.
Arm width, height and depth adjust to provide arm, forearm and elbow support.

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