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Ghost Ship Shark Wheel Mini Drop-Through Skateboard

Ghost Ship Shark Wheel Mini Drop-Through Skateboard
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The Shark Wheel Mini Drop-Through Skateboard with Ghost Ship Graphic and 60mm Shark Wheel California Rolls is the coolest skateboard for all styles of riding. It will fit in your locker or backpack and its super lightweight to carry around. The 27” x 9” design has a hammock-like concave that makes turning and carving a snap. The drop-through design keeps the center of gravity very low to the ground so control and maneuverability are unparalleled. The Ghost Ship graphic is shown on the second and third pictures. The decks are made by Shiver, who has an exclusive partnership with Shark Wheel. Shiver boards are made by PS Stix (Paul Schmitt) the #1 deck maker in the industry. The complete skateboard comes with Shiver Abec 9 built-in spacer bearings and black standard trucks.

Take your game up a notch with the reinvention of the wheel as seen on Shark Tank and the Discovery Channel – The Shark Wheel – completely flat on six sides, but feels perfectly smooth when riding.

All Terrain: Shark Wheels #1 advantage. The ability to go over rough terrain, pebbles, water, sand, debris, etc. Shark Wheels tend to go around most objects, while traditional wheels tend to go over objects leading to rock stop.
Less Friction: 30% smaller contact patch equates to higher speeds and less effort to get up to speed.
Lasts 15% longer than industry leading wheels (scientifically proven). Shark Wheels have multiple center points, while traditional wheels have one center point. It takes longer for Shark Wheels to wear off-center.
Great slide control: Shark Wheels have a small contact patch making it easy to break into a slide. Also, Shark Wheels have 3 lips grabbing on a slide that results in a controlled, predictable slide. Traditional wheels have only 1 lip. The sine wave shape gives you maximum lateral grip, while still providing low friction – something no other wheel can claim.

Flatspot/Coning Resistant: Shark Wheels continue spinning as they slide. Traditional wheels tend to skid and chatter when you slide them. A wheel that is always spinning leads to less flatspotting/coning.
Manufacturing: Made in California, USA
Fun: Shark Wheel are super fun to ride and feel perfectly smooth through all terrains. You will receive a lot of comments riding Shark Wheels – they seem impossible they would even roll.

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