Gin Mayo

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It’s mad to think we’re at the pinnacle of human progress and yet we’ve only just started making our condiments boozy. It sounds a little bit crazy but this gin mayo is downright addictive and, dare we say it, better than the original deal. Not to be confused with a certain iconic Swedish caviar brand, whipping this chic little blue tube out at the dinner table is guaranteed to make you the centre of attention for at least ten minutes. That’s probably how long it’ll take for your friends to scoff the lot. You can’t stop at merely one smear of this stuff. Even if you’re a devotee to a tidy compartmentalised pile of condiment, this tube of juniper-infused goodness will have you ravenously squirting it across everything in sight. Fries, seafood, burgers, wraps, chicken, chips, eggs: there’s nothing that couldn’t benefit from a gin-injection. An in-gin-ction. No, a gin-jection. There we go!

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