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Glass Bulb/Tube Terrarium Kit #6

Glass Bulb/Tube Terrarium Kit #6
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There are no rules when it comes to making your own Urban Green Makers Terrarium. Enjoy the freedom of creating and customizing your own green terrariums. Made in Japan, UGM supplies everything you need to make a modern addition of greenery in your urban lifestyle. Our kits are carefully selected with multiple different variations of materials to offer a go-to solution for DIY Terrarium Kits. With most of the components made in Japan, UGM terrarium kits are the highest quality available. All Kits Include ; Glass Terrarium Case, Assortment of Materials for the Terrarium, Spray Bottle, Brand Tag.

Urban Green Makers DIY Glass Terrarium Kit | Made in Japan
-Glass Bulb: 1.1 Inches at entry width, 2.5 Inches at the center (widest point), 6.5 inches in Length
Spray Bottle | Reindeer Moss | Coral Sand (S) | Coral Sand (M) | Driftwood | Cinnamon Stick | Hemp Twine | White Rocks
These beautiful unique terrarium kits make for a great gift.
Build your own personal terrarium today. Air Plants sold separately

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