Glass Cuticle Stick in Leather Case

Glass Cuticle Stick in Leather Case
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  • RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS – Called a “game changer” by top manicure celebrities – It’s a backstage favorite and nail technicians everywhere are stocking up their nail sets. – Easy and efficient to use – Great tool for personal use as well – Check out the customer videos.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Can be used to: Push and remove cuticles – Exfoliate and file calluses around the nails, fingertips, and toes – Remove hangnails – Shape and clean nail edges – Place nail art and gems – Remove nail polish mistakes.
  • TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT? – Debate over the safety of cutting cuticles is a hot topic. This glass implement removes dead skin only, leaving healthy living skin untouched – Create a smooth, clean, natural cuticle line without any of the risks associated with cutting.
  • HEY IT’S GLASS! – Just a friendly reminder, this product is made of glass! The pointed tip is super fine to smooth out details for a clean polished manicure. This also means it’s FRAGILE and requires a little extra TLC, just like you favorite wine glass. – Leather case included for extra cushioning and protection.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED – Most files are made by gluing harsh abrasives to the surface. Abrasives rip, tear, and damage the nails. They also wear off and need to be replaced frequently. – GERMANIKURE manicure and pedicure tools are made of chemically etched glass which seals carotene layers creating strong, healthy nails, and the filing surface is guaranteed to NEVER wear off.
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