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Global WiFi Hotspot by Skyroam

Global WiFi Hotspot by Skyroam
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Skyroam Hotspot is a personal WiFi hotspot that provides fast, secure and cost-effective mobile internet service around the world – all without a SIM! Keep your favorite gadgets connected as you travel the world without the burden of subscriptions, SIM changing, equipment rentals, counting MB data or unlocking phones.

Fast, global wifi – Bring your own Skyroam personal WiFi hotspot to get fast, secure mobile data around the world at top destinations in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.
Instant coverage in 65+ countries – Skyroam’s unique virtual SIM automatically connects you to local carrier data as you travel from country to country.

Simple, cost-saving pricing – Get unlimited data with 24-hour daypasses. 5 free days included in your purchase. Pay for more when needed, just $10 per day.
Connect up to 5 devices – Keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop and reader online simultaneously.
Hassle-free – Enjoy staying connected without the burden of roaming charges, unlocking phones or swapping SIMs. Skyroam is an investment that can pay for itself in just a couple of days on the road. Did you know your carrier could charge you over $80 for uploading a single photo? Skyroam helps you avoid bill shock.

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