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Glow In The Dark Bed

Glow In The Dark Bed
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The Spooky Glow In The Dark Children’s Bed
It’s nearly halloween and a horrible thing has happened to Get Laid Beds, the ghosts and ghouls have taken over our factory! They have been busy mixing up our paints and adding some strange ingredients in the night. Our beds are now glowing! This Glow In The Dark Wooden Bed is a World First and is being made for Limited Edition release only for the Halloween holidays. Set to spook children and families around the world with its unique and fun feature. Still not scared yet?

Why The Glow In The Dark Bed Should Scare you
If you’re brave enough to buy this bed, then you will be amongst the first to try this limited edition experience. Nothing will compare when the bed illuminates your child’s bedroom, and the fun you will no doubt have from sleeping on the Glow In The Dark Bed will be endless. It’s a great choice for an alternative nightlight solution and the natural glow effect is purpose built to avoid being overwhelming. Your bedroom will never be the same again with its impressive and thrilling illumination.

The Glow In The Dark Bed is perfect for kids, as they’ll now want to jump into bed like never before. Illuminating the room for any unwanted monsters. The natural glow will keep them captivated for years. The bed features the stylish design of our London Bed in solid pine, with a elegant white finish by day, and a clear UV finish for glowing. The bed frame will display a slight green tint from the UV special paint please note during daylight.
Health & Safety

The UV luminous paint itself is safe for children and has been approved by the European Directive EN71, as being safe for use on children’s toys. So you can be confident that the Glow In The Dark Bed will be safe for your child to sleep in. Suitable for children aged 2 and above (and adults of course).
The Glow

The UV finish is charged naturally by light, and will be at it’s brightest immediately following. It will slowly fade upon entering darkness. It’s rated to last up to 2 hours of glowing. Please note that images on the website have been edited for visual effect.
Limited Edition

This is a Limited Edition model and only 50 are being made, so don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to get one for your little one. The product will be available up until 7th November and orders must be placed before then.
Custom Bed Options

We’ve asked the ghosts and ghouls nicely if they could provide a hand in making your wooden bed with any alterations you may need, including size adjustments or design changes. We can also offer to make your Glow In The Dark Bed in a range of different sizes to suit you and your little monster.
Please note, mattresses, bedding, are not included with the bed frame. These can be purchased separately.

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