Goat Yoga Party Game

Goat Yoga Party Game
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Limber up and get your sweet caboose on the yoga mat. It’s time for some goat yoga – yes, you’re reading that correctly. Based on the bizarre phenomenon of people doing yoga around real goats to boost their chakras or something, this game is a load of laughs that will leave you feeling on top of the world. Even the most ardent stretch-dodgers will want to get involved when they see how fun this thing is. Strike a pose, punch the inflatable goat, toss him in the air, bleat out a merry little tune in a particularly testing position, the challenges are endless! Keep tabs on the winners with the included scorepad – she who completes the most challenges wins. Take the guilt out of choosing wine with your mates over the gym! Get your family moving at your next get together! Reduce that chronic back pain and show off your goat impression! It’s all good.

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