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Goblies Throwable Paint Ball Kit

Goblies Throwable Paint Ball Kit
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Goblies are Hand Thrown Paintballs. They are painless like water balloons and create a colorful splatter like paintballs. They are made from vegan food ingredients and cosmetic dyes (The same ingredients that are found in foods like Pizza and Ice-cream). Goblies are Biodegradable and not sticky, they dry into a powder not too long after they splat! 3 great colors come in each kit (Red, Yellow and Blue). Mix the colors to create your own fun colors.

In addition to this great and colorful experiment, you also get the opportunity to learn the behind the scenes chemistry in a fun and exciting way as explained in the instructions. This Kit allows you to make 108 Goblies paintballs. Kit includes: 12 Reusable Molds, 1 Packet of Sodium Alginate, 1 Packet of Calcium Chloride, 1 Packet of Corn Starch, 1 Packet of Dye Each (Red, Yellow, Blue), and 1 Instruction Booklet. What You’ll need: Distilled Water, Bowls for mixing, Measuring cup. NOTE: While the dyes can be washed off with detergent, it is suggested that play clothes should be worn since there has been some cases where the it has stained the clothing.

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