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GoFoil SUP Board

GoFoil SUP Board
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GoFoil SUP Board

The GoFoil For SUP has changed the game in wave riding paddle sports. GoFoil balances lift, stability and speed to create an experience many describe as taking flight-combining the action of gliding through the ocean with soaring through the wind.

The board lifts from the water between 4-8mph, depending on wave push, positive angle and rider weight. Once airborne, the foil takes over and then it is a matter of hunting the trough of the wave and looking for swells to link up.

The GoFoil has been tested in both downwind paddling and wave riding. Performing well in both configurations. Board size and dimensions are based on user preference, which usually has to do with size/weight of rider and style preferred.

The GoFoil must be attached to your board using a Tuttle box which is a standard box used in both wind surfing boards and kite boards for years as a very strong and dependable way to mount large fins and endure heavy load.

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