Going Native: Aztecs, the Kings of War

Going Native: Aztecs, the Kings of War
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The Aztecs for the Going Native line of models are gaming miniatures set in the 28mm scale. These models will be cast in either white metal and/or high quality resin (depending on the model) by the brilliant casters at Valiant Enterprises Limited. All of the models will be supplied with a new style plastic base that will be appropriate for the size of the model – 30mm base for small models, 40mm base for medium models and 50mm base for the largest models.

Stretch Goals

Aztec Female Hero – Itzpapalotl, The Obsidian Wings – $8000

Itzpapalotl, The Obsidian Wings – $10 Itzpapalotl, The Obsidian Wings – $10 I have been approached several times to put out female models that go with the different lines of Native American model lines that I put out. Since the Aztecs were the first line I have focused on in a Kickstarter Campaign, i chose to start here. Since i could not find many examples of female heroes in their history, i chose to focus on three different Aztec Goddesses as if they where human (ish) warriors that can fight and lead in battle. The first one is Itzpapalotl, The Obsidian Wings. She is a warrior goddess that rules of a garden paradise. She once defeated two feathered serpents in combat to keep her domain. Her name today has inspired the name for a butterfly that live in Mexico today.

The Free Backer Unlock  

During the last campaign, we had a model unlock that came at a certain backer number. We are going to have the same thing in this campaign. Our model this time is a female Jaguar Warrior Champion. I think this is a fun model, but what do you think? This model will unlock at 100 backers.

The Campaign

500 years ago, in the Valley of Mexico, rested one of the few great nation states of the Americas, The Aztec Triple Alliance.  The Aztecs are said to have had one of the world’s few standing armies at the time. The Aztec military had a rank system that a modern military officer would find familiar. The Aztec army was made up of groups from the different military orders and temples, that functioned like modern special operations units, and took the field next to regiments of low ranked soldiers from the different military schools and houses from around the empire.

The goal for this campaign is to provide models for historical and fantasy gamers and collectors. Along with the huge selection of historical warrior model, we are also providing several models based on the mythical creatures that are found in Aztec Folklore. The games that you can use these models with are –

One of the things I am excited about, when it comes to this campaign, is that some of the mythical models were inspired by different forum boards. The posters on the board were looking for a few different models to include with their existing historical armies, and I thought I would attempt to provide the models they were looking for. I may add more if the campaign does well.

Models in this campaign will be cast in two mediums. The man sized models and unit kits will be cast in white metal. The larger model unit kits (like the Cyclops and the Bruja) and the large beasts will be cast in resin.The human model kits and the Cyclops unit kit will be sold as multi-part model kits.

Since a lot of this campaign is inspired by Kings of War Historical, I used some of the terminology that they used in the book to describe the models below, in order to show the holes these models were meant to fill in the Aztec army list that is in that book. These units are marked as Troops, Regiment, and Hoard which are separated into 10, 20 and 40 man units respectively.  Mythical units are marked in a similar way, but some of the mythical unit have a single option, which means this is the option if you just wanted one of that particular model.

 Other Models and Add Ons

There are few other models that I am adding to this campaign. Some of the models are Aztec themed, but I am putting in others that are not. The goal of these models is to have some fun with historical and mythical models. These models are offered on a single model basis, unless otherwise stated.

Army Pledges

We are going to have several pledges that allows you to get a full balanced army for a respective game that has an official army list. If the army you chose includes the Aztec General and/or the Aztec Hero you may exchange them for different single hero models offered during this Campaign.For example, The Going Native historical war-parties come with a Aztec hero that can be exchanged for either of the Warrior Poet models. I know the choices are limited right now, but as this campaign progresses many more heroes will show up.

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