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Golden Stainless Steel Baking Tools

Golden Stainless Steel Baking Tools
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Brief introduction: high-quality stainless steel is selected and the surface gold plating process is adopted. A round and comfortable handle of the egg beater with hooks at the bottom to hang. The scale screen flour cup has a graceful arc shape, which can be easily screened. The hook design of the wire scraper can be hung to meet the requirements of the kitchen.
Color: whisk scraper scale sieve flour cups

Material: stainless steel
Process: gold plating
Size: whisk: length 31 cm * width 6.8 cm scraper: length 29.5 cm * width 11.5 cm scale sieve flour cup: diameter 10.5 cm * height 9.5 cm
Net weight: whisk: about 66g scraper: about 171 g scale sieve flour cup: about 116 g.
Weight after packaging: whisk: about 280 g wire scraper: about 260 g scale sieve flour cup: about 370 g.
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