Golfboard Electric Golf Scooter

Golfboard Electric Golf Scooter
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Golfboard Electric Golf Scooter has been hailed as the future of golfing. Golfing has been associated with middle-aged men. But the inventor, Don Wildman believes that this next cool thing will attract more youngsters to the sport.

Golfboard Electric Golf Scooter specs

At first glance, the GolfBoard Electric Golf Scooter will reel you in with its physical appearance because it looks like a cross between a large skateboard and a scooter. Here are some points describing the attributes of this scooter

  • The GolfBoard allows users to ride through the golf course at an average speed of 12 mph. This is the way I like it, cruise through the golf course!.
  • It has a 48V  battery. It is located at the base of the GolfBoard. Has enough power to navigate through 37 holes with ease.
  • The device is easy to steer through all kinds of terrains. Golfers can instead ride without adding damage to the surface as a result of tires that are three-and-half inches wide and nine inches tall.
  • All the four tires are powered by gearboxes situated on each ends of the board. The gearboxes are responsible for the traction system. This means that the tires receive equal power preventing them from slipping.

Check out the below video with this amazing scooter!

The battery takes one-and-a-half hours to recharge which is a fair deal.

Riding the Golfboard Electric Golf Scooter is similar to surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding.

Riders have the option to select between low and high speeds.

The speed is controlled by a handheld device and the direction can be controlled by simply leaning.

Golfboard Electric Golf Scooter gives the opportunity for golfers to ‘surf’ through the course with a speed that is the same as a traditional buggy.

It is a compact piece of device that does the job of getting golfers through the course(I wish it also helps improve my golf scores).

In fact it is easier to operate and cooler and it would certainly not be a surprise if the GolfBoard changed the dynamics of golfing.

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