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Gomiba Go Remote Control Garbage Can

Gomiba Go Remote Control Garbage Can
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Why go to the garbage can when the garbage can can come to you? The Gomiba Go might look just like an ordinary small trash box but actually it’s an RC toy that can zip along at fast speeds.

The Gomiba Go (a play on the words gomi bako [trash can] and “go”) is for fans of unusual radio control toys and/or lazy people out there! The secret lies in the little wheels on the bottom.

This blue mini dust box will fool your friends and delight kids, and it is also jolly useful too. The best part is that the lid genuinely opens so you can actually put in your items of waste.

Size: around 260 x 110 x 280mm (10.2 x 4.3 x 11″)

Power: AA batteries x 6

Ages 12 and over

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