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Gone Fishin film

Gone Fishin film
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A tween daughter seeks to mend a frayed relationship with her father during a fishing trip, but the unexpected challenges them further.

Silence can calm and mend wounds over time. But will it?

Austin Film Festival Judge: “…it (Gone Fishin) manages to say something poignant and profound about parenthood – without even using words.”

A tired and hurting single father. A seemingly abandoned and angry daughter. Gone Fishin is a story about a father and daughter who have drifted apart. They do not get along anymore. They just don’t. And after another fight, in the hopes for some sort of reconciliation, a fishing trip is planned. But, everything goes wrong, causing further tension between them.

Gone Fishin is a short film about hope amidst family conflict. It explores the depths of emotion beyond words and gives new perspective on how much is communicated in silence.

We want to cut across language barriers and capture universal moments to enable everyone to join the emotional journey between a father and daughter as they attempt to reconnect during a single yet pivitol moment in time.

Production Plan

AFF Judge: “Gone Fishin” will work very well on screen. We’d have a very charming and poignant short. The pacing is perfect and the humor spot on. This is a very strong short, and it’s ready for the screen as it is.”

Director: Gayla Goehl

With years of experience both in front of and behind the camera (@urFrenz etc.), and having coached children for years at the Gary Spatz Playground: An Actor’s Conservatory (Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer etc.), and having collaborated with writer Shaelyn Theule-Koops on a developing feature screenplay (Story Time), Gayla Goehl was the obvious choice for directing such a story.

Producer: Adam Mellema

Is largely as a producer of children’s television (Charlie & Company among others) and stays forever busy producing!

-What is our goal or intent? To first submit Gone Fishin to various film festivals not just within the USA, but globally. And second, to seek distribution. And third, to produced a quality SAG short film.

-Why? We believe that exposure on the film festival circuit would be the best launching pad for sharing this story globally, for parenting is a global issue.

-Where will Gone Fishin’ be filmed? In Michigan. Why? For its universal beauty and “anywhere” feel. In the director’s words, “Gone Fishin allows the outdoors to represent how far apart the two characters have grown and ultimately how strong a bond they forge again. The tone, colors, sound, music and camera shots all add to this timeless tale.” Additionally, Michigan is a very economical and accessible place to film coupled with a highly talented, competitive pool of film artists.


Pre-production: Spring, 2017)

Production: 1 wk (June, 2017)

Post Production: 4 wks (July, 2017)

Scoring/final mix: 3 wks (August, 2017)

Film Completion & Most Donors Rewards: September 1, 2017

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