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GoodGrid • First Mac Slicing App • Collages, Polyscape

GoodGrid • First Mac Slicing App • Collages, Polyscape
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GoodGrid is an app that actually will change the world you know – a bit. GoodGrid will be the birthplace of many creations we have never or rarely seen before. Creative people can focus on making art, yet it is so playful it inspires everybody to be creative.

Today we have power apps like Photoshop, Affinity Photo and Pixelmator which are great allrounders, but when it comes to combining photos better solutions are needed. However all dedicated apps are a dead end: They are template (or generator based) so editing is impossible. You are caught between a rock and a hard place. GoodGrid found a solution to edit a sliced canvas! This way even if you still start with a template everything is fully editable and even have a non-desctrive result. Finally!

Enjoy your creativity! Make GoodGrid happen!

It’s always easy keep the status quo. We could not miss the car if it was never invented, but we would have to shovel a LOT of horse poop 😉 .

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