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Gorone Lazy Desk

Gorone Lazy Desk
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The Gorone Desk by Japanese gadgets maestros Thanko allows you to use your laptop computer while lying down and relaxing. This is the perfect accessory for lazy people who want to do their work emails or browse online, but not bother getting up out of bed or that really comfortable chair! This model is much lighter than previous versions and also folds up, making it a very compact and convenient device for the home or office. Suitable for a wide range of laptops and tablets, it can also be used on an armchair or sofa, or even while sitting on the floor. The frame keeps your laptop firmly in place, so even rigorous typing or vibrations will not shake it loose. Assemble and adjuste the Gorone Desk in mere seconds, and when you are done with it you can just fold it up flat for ease of storage. You can replace it with this portable laptop stand.

The Gorone Desk features:
Lightweight and fold-up
Suitable for use on floor, in bed, sitting on sofa or chair, etc
Suitable for laptops, tablets, books, magazines, and more
Size (assembled): 760 x 430 x 460mm (30 x 17 x 18″)
Size (folded up): 550 x 90 x 270mm (22 x 4 x 11″)

Main board size: 420 x 240mm (16.5 x 9.4″)
Weight: 780g (28 oz)
Suitable for laptops up to 15.6 inches
Can hold up to 3kg (6.6 lbs)
Instructions: Japanese (but easy to construct and use)

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