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GoSun Thermo

GoSun Thermo
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  • HOW IT WORKS –  The new GoSun Thermo temperature gauge allows you to insert the probe into your food and slide it into the tube with the extended probe cord. Set it up so that it reports back to your phone with the current temperature! Here is another food thermometer and timer from Tylor Precision which can monitor your food permanently as its tip can be left in the oven while cooking. Has other functions like an alarm when the temperatue reaches a cerain point.
  • LCD TEMPERATURE SCREEN – Never worry if the food in your GoSun solar ovens is cooked all the way through. This wireless oven thermometer will easily and quickly tell you the temperature of your food as it cooks.
  • FOOD READINESS ALARM – When your food is ready, an alarm will go off that will tell you. Make sure your food is warm by keeping it in your GoSun solar oven, and make sure it is cooked with this outdoor thermometer.
  • WIRELESS CONNECTED APP – This temperature gauge connects to the downloaded app on your phone and you can immediately watch the temperature rise in your GoSun oven. With the bluetooth connection you do not have to go outside until the meal is ready.
  • INCLUDES – This full strength wireless kitchen thermometer is pre set for a variety of different foods, making it easy to use. Includes magnetic stand, cable wrap, and 41-inch probe cable.
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