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GPO BROOKLYN Portable Boom Box

GPO BROOKLYN Portable Boom Box
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The GPO Brooklyn is a fully portable music system, styled on the iconic 80’s Boom Box with all the technology of the 21st century, so revive your cassettes and step back in time! Ample in size and ample in sound, the two 40-watt speakers means that you can turn up the volume and add plenty of bass – should you wish to have even more you can add external speakers.

With functions to control the volume, balance, bass and treble, you can create the sound of your choice. Not only does this Boom Box play cassettes, it has a USB port for playback and recording, CD deck, DAB and FM radio and it’s Bluetooth enabled so you can stream music from any compatible device. We’re thrilled to see the Boom Box make a welcome return and can’t wait to get our mitts on Brooklyn for the office party!

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