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Graffiti Bio-Fireplace

Graffiti Bio-Fireplace
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Graffiti is an elegant, modern bio-fireplace that creates a real flame to decorate your home tastefully, with zero emissions, thanks to the catalytic combustion of bio-ethanol (alcohol obtained through the fermentation of agricultural and forest materials). Simplicity pairs with uniqueness to create a high visual impact and sophisticated design.
Without the need for a chimney, this wall fireplace adds an elegant touch to your spaces and fills them with a pleasant scent, thanks to the aromatherapy bowl.

Bioethanol fireplace
Material: thick stainless steel
Dimensions: w 135 cm, h 65 cm, d 24 cm. Wt: 30 kg
Tech Specs: Includes graduated charger, lighter, aromatherapy bowl. Rectangular 2L capacity. 6 hour burning time.

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