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Grant Source-Find grants to fund your business or nonprofit

Grant Source-Find grants to fund your business or nonprofit
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We were a group of regular people working 9-5 jobs looking to secure grants for business. Our very ambitious team includes real estate property owners and people working on side businesses or building up new non-profits. Business Grants were ideal, but we quickly realized that they were a hassle to find…..

We did research and there were a few services out there, but most were either scams or a waste of time. We found a handful of good ones, but they either locked you into a long term contract or wanted an average of about $60 a month just to find the grants! In addition to that, when we finally found something we qualified for we had to go somewhere else for resources. These sources also required additional fees that instructed us on how to write the proposal ourselves or find the correct resources to secure the grant we found. There had to be a better way….

We also looked for a mobile app to find business grants and did not find anything of value. There were similar platforms for investors and college scholarships, but nothing that really helped secure business grants.

In early May 2015, Grant Source was born! We are working hard and are determined to become the Uber of this industry. Our app will take the pain out of an unpleasant process. A few of our team members have worked have with other large companies that did grant and proposal writing, so we understand the process. We will match the tens of thousands of grants out there with the endless supply of non-profits and business owners that deserve them. We’ve cracked the code and created an easy streamlined process. Thank you for your support!

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