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Grapevine In-bottle Wine Aerator

Grapevine In-bottle Wine Aerator
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Let your wine breathe with our in-bottle wine aerator. The distinctive design of the single-serving wine bottle aerator offers a brisker, improved wine style over different typical wine aerators. Just place the single-serve wine decanter onto your open wine bottle, take away the decanter cork, and gently pour wine into the grape formed aeration chamber. Then pour the aerated wine instantly into your wine glass and unlock the aromatic aromas of your favourite purple or white wine.

This distinctive course of aerates your wine twice because it enters and leaves the aeration chamber, offering unsurpassed aeration with each pour. Hand-crafted from delicate glass, that is one of the best wine aerator for that particular vino. Grape vine in-bottle wine aerator measures roughly eight” lengthy and matches normal wine bottles.

Features of our Grapevine In-bottle Wine Aerator:

Single-serving wine bottle aerator

Unique course of aerates your wine twice

Hand-crafted from delicate glass

Measures roughly eight” lengthy and matches normal wine bottles

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