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Grass Brass Knuckles by Mr. Lentz

Grass Brass Knuckles by Mr. Lentz
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This beautiful hand carved grass brass knuckles is made from sustainable walnut wood. The brass knuckles have grass embedded into a planter on the top. The Grass Knuckles were designed on a whim as an interesting and unique fashion accessory. You can be sure that none other like it exists.

The idea for the Grass Knuckles came about when I had wanted to put a little edge into the idea of a grass ring. I wanted to take my jewelry further and see what I could come up with. If you want to make a statement, this is one great way to do it. I have hand-carved them from a single piece of solid walnut wood. The grain and form is beautiful and with a pure walnut oil and beeswax finish – this item glows. Each Grass Knuckle is made to order specifically for each person, ensuring a custom fit.

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