Greek leather sandals Women sandals Leather sandals women

Greek leather sandals Women sandals Leather sandals women
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We can ensure that you will fall in love with our best seller leather sandals ! a unique and simple design of Greek leather sandals, designed to surround your feet. Curves and braids come gently together offering beauty and strength. The ultimate choice for the bold and charming. Choose the rose gold, or pick another color among our available leathers. Finest Quality Leather Genuine leather that comes from the island of Crete and it is famous for it’s superior quality and uniqueness is picked one by one for our leather sandals. Ancient greek sandals were inspired and first created there. Flexible Vibram Soles The soles used for our sandals are handmade completely in our family workshop ! They way we produce them is officially patented and offers a soft comfortable walking with very long lasting use of the bottom part. Size Our sandals run 95% true to size with a perfect fit, right out from the box. Do you have wide or thin feet?

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