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Green Space Macbook Decal

Green Space Macbook Decal
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Macbook decal “Green Space Decal”

•A high quality vinyl decal sticker. Easy to use, easy to apply, easy to remove.
•Won’t leave behind any sticky residue.
•Guide for applying the sticker:

1. Make sure your device is clean.
2. Carefully peel the sticker off the base paper.
3. Place it on the surface of your device and make sure it sticks firmly to it.
4. Carefully flatten out all the wrinkles and imperfections on the sticker with a flat card or any flat object. Be EXTRA carefull, because it’s not too difficult to create permanent scratches or wrinkles on the sticker. I should know. I’ve done that myself a couple of times, so BE CAREFULL
5. And you’re done! It can be removed easily, by simply peeling it off, but it is NOT reusable, so make sure you REALLY want to take it off!

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