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Grip Pressure Monitoring SensoGlove

Grip Pressure Monitoring SensoGlove
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SensoGlove Golf Senso Glove Grip Monitors Pressure Sweat Proof Digital Computer.

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Introducing SensoGlove, a high-quality cabretta leather golf glove with a unique difference: it’s the first and only golf glove with a built-in computer that constantly reads your grip pressure.

Using small, highly responsive sensors, the SensoGlove provides audio and visual feedback about your exact grip pressure on the club.

Every golfer wants to hit the ball far and the natural instinct is to swing harder and faster.

But trying to swing with more power causes a death grip, creating tension in the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. The result is a less than smooth swing and, even worse, tightened muscles. Tight muscles result in slower – not faster – club head speed.

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