Grow Your Own Catnip

Grow Your Own Catnip
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If you haven’t seen your cat ‘under the influence’ of Catnip then you’ve never seen them at their most happy. What begins as excitable meowing usually evolves into a dazed and blissful euphoria, as your cat playfully paws at you, rolls over and splays out on the carpet with a satisfied grin on its little bewhiskered face. It’s wonderful to behold. As with anything that gets you ‘high’, it’s always better if you grow it yourself. More control, all-natural, high-purity, isn’t cut with oregano etc. Luckily this kit contains everything you need to cultivate your own Catnip: a mini ceramic pot Packet of Catnip seeds Peat pellet that expands when watered 32-page book with step-by-step growing instructions The kit also includes a selection of photos of adorable cats playing with Catnip, just in case you were in any doubt of its magical powers. It’s super easy to grow, your cat knows it’s getting the good stuff and will love you forever!

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