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Guardian Lightweight Kids Bike

Guardian Lightweight Kids Bike
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Our patented and award-winning SURESTOP Brake System makes braking safer and simpler than ever before
Safer – reduces stopping distance and prevents braking related accidents including head-over-handlebar and front wheel skidding.

Simpler – one lever controls both brakes to make braking easy for kids, allowing their cognitive focus to remain on balancing and their surroundings.
Lightweight Kids Bikes for Easier Control

Our lightweight bike frames are constructed from 100% aircraft grade aluminum, making this bike weigh just 21.5 lbs! At over 10lbs lighter than the average kids bikes, Guardian bikes make handling the bike easier for better control and safety.

Average 6-year old = 50 lbs
Guardian Kids Bikes = 43% of child’s weight
Average Kids Bike = 63% of child’s weight

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