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Hair Magnet
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Hello, I am John Lesmeister inventor and creator of the Hair magnet. The hair magnet is a great new product that I have been developing for several years with a story that goes back even further.

I come from an incredibly large family of plumbers and tradesmen, including myself. Growing up my 2 older sitters had long hair, it wasn’t long before my father taught me the family trade, and how to unclog the bathtub. Back then I would joke saying, one day I’ll invent something to fix this problem . Many years later on a routine service call I found myself facing that same problem I swore to fix as a child. The light bulb lit up on the top of my head. After some research and several weeks later I had a working prototype and started function and Quality testing in my bathtub at home. Setting out to build the first ever all-in-one drain, I wanted a good looking and functioning drain that was easy to install and use. family and friends were testing my designs giving me important feedback. Taking every comment to heart. Many design changes, hours of testing later I had the first ever all in one bathtub drain. The idea was only the beginning, I then started a company, retained a lawyer and started the patent process. We joined the Chicago Inventors org. and started learning how to make our invention a reality. A fellow inventor led me to Gaim plastics, family owned and operated. Gaim is ready to manufacture, assemble, package, Market and distribute. But First we at the hair magnet need to raise funds for the expensive tool and die set up.

Designed and engineered by a plumber made from recycled materials and going to be 100% American made but we need your help, My team and I cannot do this without you, with the funds raised we will have the tool and dies made and begin manufacturing right here in Chicago. Once funded products could be in our Chicago based warehouse and ready for distribution to the public in 4 months or less. Everyone who comes into contact with the product immediately wants one and so will you, because we all deserve that perfect shower or bath while having a clog free drain.

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