cool hamburger lunchbox

Hamburger Lunchbox

Hamburger Lunchbox
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This Mogingo Kids Lunch Box is here to encourage the today’s children to opt for the healthy meal from Mom’s Kitchen in a convenient, exciting, and attractive way. Our all encompassing Bento is carefully designed for easy meal transport from home to School, trips, outings.

We at Mogingo understand the importance of our children’s healthy nutrition and that the struggle of every parent to attract the kids to healthy eating. We designed this box to supply ample space for some fruits, veggies, salad or nuts yet compact enough to fit into your little ones’ lunch box, knapsack, briefcase…

•We’ve even gone that extra mile to include the fork and spoon to be all ready for your little one to enjoy.

•Our goal is to guide the children to healthy nutrition, healthy living.

The children of today are the giants of tomorrow.

We need to help them nurture their mind body and soul. It all starts with a healthy nutritious meal from home.


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