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Hamburger Lunchbox

Hamburger Lunchbox
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The Mogingo Kids Lunch Box is designed to be spacious so that you or your child have enough space to carry the lunch and some fruits all in one place, but at the same time the box is compact enough to fit in the backpack or a briefcase without taking much space. The creators of this lunch box understands the importance of having a healthy nutrition which usually means a larger space to accommodate fruits, veggies or a salad. In the Mogingo Kids Lunch Box this won’t be a problem at all. They have also included a fork and a spoon that fit in the box so you don’t have to look for one. This box resembles a hamburger which is funny and attractive for children and will make them carry it to the school where they can have a laugh with the colleagues. It is made out of quality and food safe plastic with side fasteners to keep everything in one place. It is also stackable and spill proof meaning that you can place it in the backpack without worrying it may flip and spill all the food in it.

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